The Eisfelder Family Home Page

The Eisfelder Family at the Blowhole near Hepburn Springs, January 2010

This is the Home Page of the Eisfelder Family.  We live in East Bentleigh, a suburb of Melbourne in the State of Victoria, Australia.

Rodney Eisfelder Rodney Eisfelder

My Email address is  

I worked for CGI as a Senior Technical Consultant, mostly doing database programing using C, C++ & Python, but also PL/pgSQL , PL/SQL and a bit of T-SQL. In the past I've used Delphi, (Oracle) Pro C, worked with ADO, OPC and OLE DB (Providers) and even Visual Basic! Operating Systems I use include Windows, Solaris & Linux. Previous Operating systems include Digital Unix (HP Tru64), IBM's AIX,VMS and RSX-11M.

Until July 1998, I worked for Telstra Multimedia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telstra Corporation Limited, on IVR, Web Commerce, EDI, Computer Security, Communications Programming and a heap of other things.  Languages included Fortran, Pascal and C. I then worked for MITS, a unit of USC (now UXC) which was sold to Logica in December 2000.  Logica and CMG merged at the end of 2002 to become LogicaCMG, which renamed itself back to Logica in early 2008. Logica became part of CGI in August 2012.

In the early 1980s, I worked for the Division of National Mapping on the introduction of their Digital Mapping System, and then porting it from a PDP 11/40 to a Vax 11/750. Languages included Fortran and Assembler for both PDP-11 and VAX.

My interests include bush walking, genealogy and cryptology.  Here is a picture of me with Suzie.
Suzie Eisfelder

 Suzie Eisfelder

I've been writing about books since 2009 on Suz's Space, but I'm also studying about writing full-time and doing other things with books. 

Johanna Eisfelder

Johanna Eisfelder

Here is a picture from 2004.  Here is a very old picture of me with my mother and sister on my first day of school.  I'm the one on the left!

More Eisfelders ...

Our Family:

Here you can find pictures of Horst Eisfelder, Greta Eisfelder and Kevin Eisfelder.

Some Pictures of our ancestors

Pictures by Horst Eisfelder have been printed by "The Age", "Le Monde", in "The Fugu Plan" by Rabbi Marvin Tokayer, "Japanese Nazis and Jews" by Dr David Kranzler, "Escape to Shanghai" by James R. Ross and others.  They have been Exhibited at Bet HaTefusot in Tel Aviv, the Wannsee Conference Centre in Berlin, Caulfield Town Hall, and were on show at the Jewish Museum of Australia's 1997-98 Exhibition "Jews of Shanghai."

"Chinese Exile", by Horst Eisfelder was originally published by Makor Library  and has been re-published by Avotaynu.

Here is a picture of Miriam, sitting in front of one of Horst's photos of Shanghai exhibited at the Jewish Museum of Australia in 1997. Horst described some of his Shanghai photos at the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne in 2015.

My distant cousin Robert Eisfelder in Los Angeles.

Other Eisfelders (not related)

The home page of Aaron Eisfelder of Illinois

Bart Eisfelder previously(?) of Foland, Wickens, Eisfelder, Roper & Hofer PC, Kansas City

Missy Eisfelder of McHenry County College, Illinois

Elaine Szymoniak nee Eisfelder (born 24-May-1920, died 20-May-2009) of Des Moines, Iowa

Dr Michael Eisfelder of Rottweil, Germany